Decoupling Human Characteristics from Algorithmic Capabilities

[This report was commissioned by the IEEE Standards Body and was published in January 2021 — The report can be accessed on IEEE or on Slideshare.]

Executive Summary:

[ Published by ORF on the occasion of their international flagship technology conference CyFy]

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos,

Over the past century industrial revolutions have improved the quality of life and allowed for greater specialization, increased trade and the expansion of an industry of leisure and with it a greater introspection on human performance. Specialization and the combination of ‘wellness’ consciousness and wearable technology has allowed for the growth of a $5 trillion wellness economy. …

[Forthcoming publication with the U.S. Army Mad Scientist Initiative]

Two American companies are leading the world and our species in a bold endeavor to settle in space. With the creation of a SPACESOF service component, US Space Force can help support and accelerate American space settlement initiatives and posture our species against extinction.

The velocity in which technology is advancing is at times difficult to comprehend and strategically hard to plan for. In fact, according to entrepreneur Peter Diamandis we will experience more technological progress this decade than the past 100 years. Space is no exception. …

The proliferation of dual-use technologies calls for a new mindset in the Defense Enterprise. One that is mentally agile, one that embraces change and one that is quick to take note of opportunities. Looking past the force management and asset maintenance use cases, it is helpful to explore what it could mean tactically and even what it could look like with partners.

For several years now we have heard that “Data is the new oil”. When we search something on Google, put something in our wish list on Amazon, watch something on Netflix (and even when we don’t finish it)…

While I have several degrees and certificates, I don’t think my education is adequate enough for the dynamic world we live in. I believe in proactive life-long learning, particularly in today’s day and age when the way in which we understand our world is in a constant state of flux as technology improves exponentially. To this end, I am an avid reader of several newsletters, blogs, publications and books. I use social media to stretch my understanding of what is happening by following and connecting with a diverse set of interests and industries. …

The theme of this year’s Munich Security Conference (MSC) was encapsulated in a one made up word “Westlessness”. The conference’s report contextualized it by a dissolution of Western hegemony which had been prominent since the 1700s, weakening confidence of what Western values are in the face of widespread discontent with democratic institutions, the rise of populism, and an unclear picture of where the West is going and should go.

As the West looks inward to answer questions around identity and values, there are a myriad of pressing international security problems which were passionately discussed. These included environmental security, food security…

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At first glance this piece may seem to portray an unrealistic future. And if it were to be realistic, it would be a scenario that other generations would have to contend to, perhaps in another era in the 2100s. However, this is not true, human relationships with artificial already exist, here are the three forms that exist and are improving with each day.

Artificial Intelligence Relationships in the Cloud

This is a type of relationship that many people in industrialized countries already have. It’s the relationship with Amazon’s Alexa, with Apple’s Siri, with Google Go and other similar interfaces. I…

The real unicorns are those that stand the test of time

[First published on Thrive Global here]

We live in an era of start-up abundance with countless avenues for entrepreneurs. Incubators and accelerators help promising start-ups get to market faster and position them to develop their growth pipelines as fast and sustainably as possible. Investors of all kinds are looking for the next unicorn, in other words the next start up to invest in that will reach a valuation of $1 billion. Venture Capital (VC) available globally is in the billions. What are they all looking for? A rich return on their investment, preferably sooner rather than later. The point after…

Technology is advancing faster than we realize, sometimes quicker than we have time to keep up and often created before there was a chance to debate its ethical and social ramifications. My art series #ArtAboutAI attempts to use art as a medium to raise awareness about advances in artificial intelligence in efforts to advance public thinking and debate on technologies that are changing our human experience from birth to death.

The Art Piece

a New Year’s Planning Concept by Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos @LKCYBER

[A special thank you to Andy Emslie for his feedback on this piece.]

Some call military planning an art form. There is something remarkably satisfying about the clarity in military doctrine which I think can also be useful in civilian applications. As 2020 marks not just the beginning of a new year but a new decade, I have made a new years resolution planning concept using the U.S. Air Force’s Air Operations Directive (AOD) template as a fun exercise to think about the decade ahead. …

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos

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