Keeping Up W/Tech: Newsletters & People I Follow

After the publication of my U.S. Army Mad Scientist submission for the Future of the Battlefield 2050 I got many questions about where I got my inspiration and where I got my tech news. This article provides a list of all the newsletters and people I follow for the latest and greatest in technology news — if you have other recommendations please comment below and share!

📰 Newsletters

  • Exponential View curated by Azeem Azhar: It is my go to for intellectual technological ideas, as it discusses technology, politics, society, economics and also includes some “short morsels to seem smart at dinner parties”. He also has some podcasts, usually recordings during live EV events in London with interesting people, a curated crowd and divine discussion.
  • Abundance Insider compiled by Peter Diamandis’ team: This is where I get a lot of insight into the very latest successful developments in tech, and insight into the art of the possible. Succinctly done it includes one line on what the technology is and another on why it is important. I also enjoy listening to his Exponential Wisdom podcast where he expands on the implications of a wide range of disruptive technologies.
  • Futurism: Has lots of great articles with easy to understand explanations about technological advances and their market uses.
  • Future of Work by AXIOS: As I like to keep tabs on the changing work environment, this is my one stop shop. This newsletter has solid content about technological changes in the workplace, and what that means for the organizations, individuals and the labor market. Using this I connect the dots from my other readings and get ahead of trends.
  • Make by Make Magazine: Make magazine is dedicated to the Maker’s Community of all the people who do incredible DIY projects. Their content helps me expand my mind to the many possibilities of technology, and exposes me to the creativity of all the many makers. The pictures and videos can’t help but bring out the curious and excited child in me.
  • FashionNerd edited by Muchaneta K: Technology convergence happens across all sectors and I stay up to date following them on twitter as well as the FashionNerd newsletter. This is particularly of interest to me as I think about my clothing brand Empowering Workwear.
  • The Agenda edited by Adrian Monck: Helps me maintain a global perspective on technological developments and their intersection with geopolitics, and economics. This is an official World Economic Forum newsletter.

🤸 People

  • Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhDThe Medical Futurist: He reports on the latest in medical tech and tests as many gadgets as he can get his hands on. Following him gives a front row seat into the latest medical gadget tech and insight into how it is unfolding.
  • Kate Delvin, PhDSexTech: Based at the Department of Computing at the University of London, she is internationally the most prominent thought leader on ethical questions and developments in the space of technology, sex and humans. Her forthcoming book “Turned On: The Sex Robot Story” will be out September 2018.
  • Gerd LeonhardFuturistGerd: A leading futurist, and one that has spent a lot of time reminding people not to forget about what makes us human, something I’m a big fan of. In this spirit he wrote his latest book Technology vs Humanity and has proposed five human rights for the digital age that protect humans.
  • Tim UrbanWait But Why: His lengthy, brilliantly explained, and humorous posts on Elon Musk’s companies have helped me understand more about the technologies of those companies. The post on Neuralink was the inspiration for the BrainNet in my story. Each time I read one of his posts about one of Elon Musk’s companies I was blown away by what Musk was trying to do. The Neuralink post, which remains on the homepage a year later, made a big impact on me and I wasn’t able to wrap my head around brain computer interface (BCI) until Tim Urban’s post.

🤖 Digital publishers about tech that make me smile 🙂

  • Fast Company: Blending technology, business models, media and branding all in one.
  • Fast Co Design: Combining business and design with a flair of technology.
  • The Next Web: Forward thinking, alternative analysis about technology and where its heading.

I hope you found this to be of interest! If you have any technology related newsletters, publishers, or people you like to follow please share them in the comments below! ⬇️

Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos’ (@LKCYBER) work lies in the intersection of people, strategy, technology, education, and national security. Her professional experience spans three continents, several countries and multi-cultural environments. She speaks and writes on disruptive technology convergence, innovation, tech ethics, and national security, and founded Sapien21 ( which encompasses these aspects. She is an advisor to the AI Initiative at The Future Society at the Harvard Kennedy School, participates in NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Program, is a member of the FBI’s InfraGard Alliance, and during the Obama administration has received the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her pro bono work in cybersecurity.

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